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Provision of information and handover is another major point for nurses and relates to professional communication Professional journals of medical sciences, books on communication, and other reviews of the literature were used to develop a review. Articles were used that focused on the communication and problems that communication brought with it. Research on the communication between the nurse and patient locates a problem in the way patients react to encounters with nurses After the second scenario about ineffective communication, the student nurse stated that for effective communication nurses should utilize SBAR Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation to communicate a clear messa Term Papers words 2 pages.

The following is the Part II of a leadership case study exploring the leadership perspective for several issues. Term Papers words 5. It is human nature to coexist with others in various roles: be it in the military, emergency medicine, football, or even school.

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The American Heritage Dictionary n. While serving in the United States Armed Forces, service members have to learn to take orders from those that are ranked higher than themselves. But it is also critical to be able to listen to those who are subordinates as well Essay on Professional Communication For Nurses. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

Need Writing Help? The Professional Role Of Nurses Essay - Nursing is a highly respectable and honorable profession in the field of medicine.

Four Principles of Interpersonal Communication Essay - Introduction A critical review of what has been noted about the four principles of interpersonal communication demonstrates that King has provided the definitive source for reviewing these issues. Communication Between Nurses And Patients Essay - This article is in place to review scholarly articles on communication between nurses and patients, to brief general topics between works, and draw conclusions about how all parts of communication produce a diagnosis.

The Role Of Nurses And Decision Making Essay - In this log, one of the most important aspect of law in reference to the role of nurses and decision making will be discussed. Essay about Communication Between Nurses And Nurses - There were many forms of communication that occurred today that I had the opportunity to observe. Professional Communication, Provision of Information and Handover Essay - It is essential for a nurse to be able to demonstrate and practice professional communication skills, provision of information and handover to provide a holistic approach to treating and caring for patients.

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It is also important for the nurse to be aware of the congruency of their verbal and non-verbal communication. Other factors may affect communication in a negative way, endangering the process, and nurses must be aware of internal and external barriers Schubert Lack of interest, poor listening skills, culture and the personal attitude are internal factors, which may affect the process. To fully assess the development of communication skills the nurse can make use of reflection to gain a better insight and understanding of their skills Siviter Reflecting on events that take place in practice, allows opportunity not only to think about what we do, but also to consider why we do things.

This helps us to learn from the experience and improve our future nursing practice Siviter Reflection can be described as either reflection in action; occurring during the event, or reflection on action; which happens after the event has occurred Taylor and is guided by a model, which serves as a framework within, which the nurse is able to work.

It is usually a written process, and the use of a reflective model uses questions to provide a structure and guide for the process Siviter The first stage of the process is a descriptive account of the situation; what happened? Followed by an analysis of thoughts and feelings in the second stage; what were your thoughts and feelings?

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The last two stages are the conclusion of the situation, what else could have been done and finally an action plan to prepare for similar situations, which may arise in the future Gibbs They have similar structures, which guide the user through the reflective process. The three models described all have similarities in that the user is guided through the reflective process by describing the event, analysing their thoughts, feelings and actions and making plans for future practice.

Importance Of Communication Of Nurses Nursing Essay

Considering the models of reflection described, the next component of this essay will make use of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle to provide a reflective account of a situation which I experienced during clinical placement in a community setting. As part of this placement, I assisted my mentor, a health visitor, in the provision of a baby club for parents with babies and pre-school children, which takes place on a weekly basis and involves routine checks, such as baby-weighing, in addition to opportunity, for parents to socialise and opportunity for health visitors to provide information relating to the care and health of babies and children.

During the second week of this placement, I was asked to assist in the delivery of a forthcoming health promotion session relating to dental health. I have chosen this event as a basis for my reflective account as I feel that health promotion is an important area to consider. It enables individuals to play a pivotal role in their own health Webster and Finch in Scriven and is a means by which positive health can be promoted and enhanced alongside the prevention of illness Downie et al It gives clients the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and prevention of illness and is an area in which the nurse or healthcare professional plays a key role WHO The event occurred during a weekly session at baby club that takes place in a community centre.

My mentor Health Visitor and I were present along with a group of ten mothers and their babies. As this event took place during a group session, I will maintain confidentiality NMC by not referring to any one individual. Consent was gained from all clients prior to the session commencing, in line with the NMC Code of Conduct and the environment was checked to ensure it was appropriate and safe for the session to take place. The aim of the session was to promote good dental health and oral hygiene amongst children and babies.

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Chairs were set out in a semi-circle with a number of play mats and various baby toys placed in the centre. This allowed parents opportunity to interact in the session, to listen to the information and ask questions while at the same time being in close enough proximity to their children to respond to their needs.

The Health Visitor and I sat at the front of the semi circle facing the group.

I reintroduced myself to the group and gave a brief explanation of my role and the part I would play in the session. This was important; some of the clients were meeting me for the first time, and it is during this initial contact that judgements are made about future interactions, and the service being provided. Positive initial interaction can provide a good foundation for a future beneficial relationship Scriven The session was broken down into two parts: information giving, focusing on the promotion of dental health and prevention of illness in the form of tooth decay Robotham and Frost Secondly, information relating to tooth brushing was given along with a demonstration undertaken by myself that showed the clients good oral hygiene could be achieved through effective tooth brushing.

A question and answer session followed which allowed us to clarify any issues raised.

In the week, preceding the session it was important for me to consider a systematic approach to the planning of the session. The first stage was to gather relevant, up-to-date information relating to the subject and plan how it could be incorporated in the session.

The NMC Standards of Proficiency a states that nurses must engage in a continual process of learning and that evidence-based practice should be used Bach and Grant The plan was discussed with my mentor and advice was sought about any adjustments which may be necessary. Prior to the session, I was apprehensive about delivering a health promotion session to clients patients. I as I felt out of my depth as a first year student and my anxiety was exacerbated further as this was my first placement.

However, support and encouragement from my mentor and other health visitors in the team helped me to relax. I was given the opportunity to discuss the topic with my mentor and was relieved when I was able to respond to any questions asked in an appropriate manner and that my knowledge had been increased through the research I had undertaken, thus boosting my confidence.

During the session, I feel that I communicated well verbally with clients and that my non-verbal communication was appropriate and corresponded to what I was saying. The clients were focused on the session and seemed genuinely interested, nodding when they understood and showed attentiveness by making regular eye contact. Dental Health is a key Health Promotion target in Wales and is the most prevalent form of disease amongst children in Wales.

Importance Of Nursing Communication Skills - Essay Example

The aim of the session was to provide information to parents as a means of promoting good oral hygiene and prevention of tooth decay in babies and young children. In order for the aim to be achieved, communication was a key element. Effective communication in a group can only be achieved if there is trust, participation, co-operation and collaboration among its members and the belief that they as a group are able to perform effectively as a group Balzer-Riley Communication and listening skills allowed us to discover what knowledge the clients already had, and enabled us to adjust the information to meet the needs of the clients.

Throughout the session, I was aware of my non-verbal communication and attempted to show attentiveness to individuals in the group, using the principles of SOLER I made the necessary adjustments. At times, this proved difficult as trying to lean towards the clients and maintain eye contact with each individual was not possible in a group situation.

My anxiety about delivering the session was also an area which I had some concerns with. Nervousness can have an influence on how a message is delivered, and I was constantly aware of my verbal communication, particularly my paralanguage. I have a tendency to speak at an accelerated rate when I am nervous, and was aware that this may influence the way in which the message was being received. It is important to be aware of paralanguage in which the meaning of a word or phrase can change depending on tone, pitch or the rate at which the word s is spoken.