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She and I entered the conference room and listened to the piano as Mark performed the magic of music for his ailing father. Who was THIS man? I went into my memory bank of many sweet visits with Irene over the years.

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I recalled that she told me of her favorite song, Begin The Beguine. She had shared years before that it was the song that she and her husband danced to often.


Not only did he know how to play it, but he knew the words. Then her feet.

Her tears stopped. A smile broke. She SANG along with the words!

The Effect of Involvement on Fundraising: A Charity Field Experiment

Irene was transformed to a time when she and her husband often danced before he had passed. It was a priceless gift for one very special resident whose grief on that day melted into joy and happiness. We bought a CD with her favorite song on it and she listened to it regularly on an old boom box. When the Lord called her home one bitterly cold day, through my tears, my heart melted and I smiled.

Fundraising - Wikipedia

All I heard was the music of Begin the Beguine. Without researching, I had seen online fundraising everywhere.

Fundraising 101: Rueben Mayes at TEDxWSU 2014

Being a filmmaker, I had heard a lot about getting needed film funds from Kickstarter. A website where anyone can put up their creative project, set a goal amount of funds, and market to achieve that goal. I have tried online funding once, I created a free website from a website generator which showcased my film portfolio.

I included a donate button on the site hoping people would enjoy my work enough to donate to me, but it never saw any success. One of the most important things in creating a successful website is to know who your audience is.

Tap Into The Money: DAFs and The Future of Fundraising | Essay 1

In order for people to donate money, they must be passionate about the subject. Once you know the target market, you can design your website to aesthetically appeal to that crowd.

Fundraising Campaign Essay

You can also more easily market to the crowd you are target using social networks and ads. Donation pages on websites can really help a cause, especially if that donation page is personalized in some way. For example, the Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue web site has a donation page that is obviously targeted to cat lovers as there is a section of the page where one can type a letter to a specific cat.

Websites for a project or cause are preferable to target a specific audience.

#2: Fundraising Letters to Ask for Sponsorships

A new type of online fundraising is a collaborative fundraising website. On these sites, anyone can post a project and with a financial goal. All donations are collected through the website and it brings projects and donors together.