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As for displaying your extracurriculars, you want to do the same thing. Avoid talking about activities just because you can. To help you out and in order to give yourself the best opportunity to stand out amongst the thousands upon thousands of other Stanford applicants, speak to a Crimson academic advisor who has successfully navigated the US application pathway many times before.

Crimson Education. Getting into Stanford. Stanford wants students who will contribute something different to the college.

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Acceptance rate: 4. Admissions requirements: High school transcript An ACT or SAT score Two letters of recommendation Application Essay Extracurricular activities If you'd like one of our Academic Advisors to personally assess your candidacy to Stanford University, you can apply for a free one-on-one consultation today! A little more about Stanford In , Stanford received an astounding 44, applications to enter the class of So, with 44, other people applying, how do you stand out at Stanford?

Can you get into Stanford? Book My Consult. Our Services. About Us. Our Blog. How to answer the MIT supplemental essay prompts How to answer the University of Chicago supplemental essay prompts More articles Follow us. I even revel in the glory of the deceptively simple yet surprisingly delicious pistachio ice cream.


By an early age, I had become a self-proclaimed dessert critic and had developed a reputation as a venerable ice-cream connoisseur. My school's cafeteria offered unlimited supplies of the delicious substance, but its ice cream neither passed my critiques nor matched my snobby standards. So I became creative.

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I made my own ice cream. What mattered most to me was the opportunity for creativity, although I did love devouring the finished products. With a starting base of cream and sugar, the flavor combinations were limited only by my own imagination—and the fruits at hand.

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In the privacy of my kitchen, I imagined myself a Picasso of ice cream, starting with a clean canvasbefore carefully adding colorful ingredients into the blender. And when my recipes failed, I started over. I had an artistic license to experiment and to throw my creativity at blank slates endlessly. I value creativity in all my pursuits, not just those involving sugar. When I read and write, words assemble themselves into playgrounds formy imagination.

In chess and math, where strategies and theorems can be memorized, creativity is the edge necessary to develop original ideas. And when I play violin repertoire, the creative interpretations bring the notes to life. Creativity gives me the freedom to escape from a black-and-white world to one where I create the rules and let my imagination reign.

But most importantly, creativity is the secret ingredient in my homemade ice cream. What matters to me and why?

Which things indicate to Stanford that I’ll have a positive impact on the world and Stanford?

Lasagna matters to me. Why does lasagna matter to me? Even though it seems too trivial at first to really matter, lasagna is highly profound in nature — what matters to me is what lasagna represents, not the dish itself. In many ways, Lasagna is the result of the interaction of cultures across generations.

Though it is of Italian origin, its components are not. The main ingredient, the lasagna sheet, originates from flat noodles that Marco Polo brought from Ming China.

How to Write Stellar Stanford Essays: 3 Expert Tips

Lasagna is an organized combination of different ideas and flavors. It matters so much to me because its many, diverse layers can be used asa metaphor for who I am. Like lasagna, my origins are difficult to ascertain. In the same way that diversity is an integral part oflasagna, it's an integral part of who I am.

All kinds of diversity matter to me - being in a 'lasagna-like' environment, full of different, contrasting ideas matters to me because diversity is what makes me thrive. Lasagna is significant to me for the same reasons as the UnitedNations. Both are highly varied, near-eclectic mixtures of ideas and cultures. Despite initial doubts over their success, both are highly successful today. They're both important to me because they show how different things from different places and ideas can work together cohesively.

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From the dish to the open-face, Lasagna is always changing with the world around it, as cultures and ideas mix together. This is why lasagna matters to me.

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It shows how change can help inconstancy, and how it can be accommodated to create a more cohesive unit.