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These machines are now used to increase production. Countries after countries are being industrialized. But industrialization has given rise to competition, unemployment pollution and capitalism. Machines, being labor saving devices, have thrown thousands out of employment.

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Capitalism has created class struggle. Big capitalists exploit the laborer. This is a curse for the whole society. Misuse of science is responsible for this.

Science in daily life essay in tamil

Science has made man forget God and religion. He believes only in those things which he can explain and understand by his reason. Thus he has become a moral pygmy. Conclusion- If we look at the problem impartially. We shall find that it is not easy to label science as blessing or curse.

In itself, science is neither curse nor a blessing. If it is used for peaceful purposes and for promoting the welfare of mankind, it is great blessing. If it is used otherwise, then it is curse. So it is its use which makes it blessing or course. Author: positive look Etiam at libero iaculis, mollis justo non, blandit augue. Blog Comments Facebook Comments 0 comments:. Search Blog.


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It was sultry hot. The sun was shining very brightly. It was r All Categories words essay word essay words essay Application complaint letters essay heading Essays letters long essay paragraph story story writing. Science has made the world smaller.

Time and distance do not matter. Journey by land, air and sea has become easier. We can see, hear and speak from incredible distances. Science has changed our lifestyle.

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Science has made daily life more comfortable. Painless and bloodless surgery is also made possible. New drugs have reduced human sufferings to a great extent. Blessings of science in daily life are numerous.

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In Entertainment: - Computers, mobile phones, Internet are the most wonderful gift of the modern science and technology. What work we do? Conclusion: - These are all the gifts of the science to mankind. Thus, Science has trapped our life through its nets….

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