Compare and contrast essay on lions and tigers

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In this comparison; the lions definitely have advantage over the tigers; as their skull measurement is bigger than the tigers. Bigger skull means bigger impact and in normal cases a bigger bite force as well; especially for the carnivores. Cheetahs have one of the smallest skulls among big cats and because of that it can't challenge any rival big cat.

Normally; a lion has an average skull size of millimeters; whereas; a tiger has an average skull size of around millimeters. A lion has a concave skull; whereas; a tiger has a convex skull. Additionally; lion does have a mane near his skull and neck; which further makes his head look bigger in size. So definitely; the edge goes to the lions in this regard.

A bigger skull for a lion may also mean a bigger bite force; but this may not be the case. A bigger skull may not always mean an ultimate advantage of bite force. Let's take an example of a Hyena; it has a smaller skull than a lion but its bite force is 3 times stronger than either a lion or a tiger. Basically; it is the jaw muscles that generate the bite force for the big cats. According to one of the documentaries on National Geographic; a lion and a tiger can both generate a bite force of well over pounds on average. But in a lion vs tiger contest which animal has a bigger bite force?

According to Christiansen and Wroe, a tiger has a bigger bite force than a lion. Their research found that; a lion has a bite force of pounds while a Siberian Tiger has a bite force of about pounds. Therefore; a tiger has a stronger bite force as compared to a lion. All big cats have canine teeth. Bigger canine teeth also mean bigger impact on the prey. Among the big cats the clouded leopards have longest canine teeth.

However; in a comparison between a tiger and a lion; a tiger has the longer canine teeth. The lengths of canine teeth of the tigers are about 78 millimeters while the lions have canine teeth of about 70 millimeters. This means that any canine related impact and damage from the tigers will be marginally bigger than the lions. The tiger has a double advantage in this regard as it not only has powerful bite force but also the longer canine teeth.

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When it comes to intelligence, a tiger again topples a lion. Intelligence level among species is measured on the basis of cranial volume.

Therefore; in a comparison of the lion vs. Scientific data collection have concluded that the cranial volume for a tiger is around 0. Moreover; among all the big cats, the tigers most probably have the biggest cranial volume. This further means that tigers should be considered as intelligent of all the other big cats as well. Therefore; in lion vs tiger comparison; the advantage goes to tiger when it comes to the sheered intelligence. This is the key reason that tigers throughout the world has adapted to so many climates, prey options and living condition and that too as a solitary hunter.

A lion has a massive roar and the loudest among all the big cats. Even a tiger, who is bigger than a lion can't roar as loud as a lion. According to the statistics, a lion's roar can be heard 5 miles away, whereas; a tiger's roar can only be heard at just 2 to 3 miles away. Lions definitely have a huge edge over the tigers in terms of their roars. According to National Geographic; hearing a roar of a lion is just like having a passenger jet at just an altitude of feet above your head.

Tigers just simply lag behind lions, when it comes to the roaring power. A roar helps a lion to secure its territory and scare off any rival males away.

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Therefore; there is a possibility that a lion may scare off a tiger because of its loud roar. Tigers are expert swimmers. Lions do not like water and try to avoid any swimming adventures. Even though the lions can swim but they only do it under extreme conditions. Otherwise; lions don't prefer to swim or enter the water at all. Lions also avoid hunting within water as well. Only Swamp Lion pride in Africa is known to have adaptability with waters. Tigers on the other hand; love to swim in deep waters and they are tactful swimmers. Tigers are even known to swim couple of miles in rivers for their hunting.

Moreover; they are also known to attack fishermen by a surprise pouncing into the boat. Therefore; the advantage goes to tiger when it comes to swimming and any water related encounters. When it comes to hunting; the lions hunt in groups. Usually; the lionesses hunt for the whole pride and the male lions only make a rare contribution.

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However; the nomadic male lions are specialized hunters and they grow up young while hunting on their own. But still during their nomadic period; they form a coalition of 2 to 3 male lions for the hunting. Tigers on the other hand are always solitary hunters and they hunt alone throughout their lives after leaving their mothers. Tigers are known to single handedly kill gaurs and rhinos on their own; while a lion takes help of the group to bring down the large preys. Therefore; lions take advantage of hunting by forming coalitions and groups while tigers are skillful solitary hunters.

Both lions and tigers have powerful paws and claws. Paws are considered as the main armor in hunting for both of these cats. But whose paws are stronger in between these two big cats? The biggest the paws the worst the impact on the rivals. Tigers certainly have edge over lions regarding their paw sizes.

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According to one observation; a lion's claws were about This also means that the tiger paws will be heavier and will carry more power than that of a lion. Therefore; in the comparison of claws; a tiger is victorious as compared to a lion. Tigers again have an advantage over the lions, when it comes to paw and claw striking. Not only the tigers use their paws and claws more often in their fights but do it briskly and promptly. Tigers are known to standing on their back feet and start striking multiple times like a boxer in a ring.

Lions on the other hand; also use paws in the fighting, but they are not as quick strikers as the lions. Usually; a lion uses only one of its paws in a fight. Therefore; the tiger leads the lion in a claw striking by the margin of 3 to 1.

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In other words; a lion will only manage to trigger a single claw strike while a tiger will strike three claws in a single instance. Faster claw striking also means more damage to the opponent and less strikes back on to the face. Therefore; tiger own lions in terms of its paw and claw striking ability. Protection gear holds the key worth for the fighters in any encounter and it does create a big difference in between the lion vs tiger fight. In the big cat family, the lions have a huge mane around their neck and head which not only makes them look bigger but it also protects their neck as well.

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  6. Tigers do not have such possession of protection gear around their necks. Some male tigers do have a puff of hair around their neck but that will be too small when compared with the lions' manes. Therefore; in a lion vs tiger encounter a lion holds a key advantage of protection gear of the mane around its neck as compared to the tiger. The presence of mane makes the male lions a bit slower as well. In another instance in Turkey, a tiger killed a male lion when its claw stuck into the mane of the lion.

    Therefore; manes can serve as a drawback for the lions but they still offer some sort of protection to the lions as compared to the tigers.