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The focus of this thesis was to use microfluidic methods to study emulsifier adsorption and coalescence stability of emulsions.

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The underlying thought was to gain better understanding of emulsion formation and physical stability during processing. Non-responsiveness to therapy often occurs during treatment of RA.

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To avoid prolonging ineffective treatments, it is important to ensure effectiveness early upon treatment initiation. After treatment with liposomal prednisolone, a new therapeutic approach for RA, uptake in inflamed joint was lower compared to joints in untreated mice. The field of nanotechnology exploits novel functionality in nano-sized particles, nanostructured materials, surfaces and nano-devices arising from their restricted dimensionality.

The prevalance of type 2 diabetes T2DM is increasing worldwide. Lipid content in skeletal muscle fibers is higher in T2DM than in control subjects.

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Intramyocllelar lipid IMCL content is negatively associated with insulin sensitivity. However, endurance trained atheletes have IMCL levels simular to patients with T2DM, whilst being insulin sensitive, the so-called athelete's paradox. We are able to correlate water reorientation dynamics with the H-bond structure at the hydration shell of anti-freeze proteins.

Moreover, by employing Transition Path Sampling and Molecular Dynamics we study how anti-freeze peptides self-assemble into nanotubes, as well as their stability as a function of size.

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    Clean water 5. Sustained treatment with chemotherapeutics also revealed induction of PDT-hypersensitivity, altogether showing that PDT sensitivity may depend on sensitivity to other therapies as well as being cell line dependent.

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    Instead, resistance-induced alterations were utilized by targeted PCI, e. Another more clinically relevant toxin gelonin was, by recombinant technology, fused to an antibody fragment of anti-CD Although receptor binding of this immunotoxin was retained, no more toxicity was induced in CDexpressing cells compared to that of nonexpressing cells, warranting further optimization of such constructs.

    Another important finding was that mechanisms of ROS protection could reactivate and hence increase the effect of the chemotherapeutic bleomycin in combination with PCI. Other results also showed that PDT could act as an inhibitor of autophagy, a catabolic process regulating the balance of cell death and survival. Overall, PCI appeared to be a robust drug-delivery technique in PDT- and chemotherapyresistant cancers, utilizing several mechanisms for efficient cancer cell toxicity.

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