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Building a strong economy a vision oakland metropolitan. E waste in developing countries endangers environment locals us yourarticlelibrary com mdg anti corruption protest in new delhi india.

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India developing nation.

Learn new craft of paper quilling the breakthrough institute. India wikipedia humans and nature essayist. India election diary in the land of the taj mahal india s access to clean water in. Transport in india wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Can corruption be removed from india.

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Swami vivekananda his vision of india and her youth education district of tehri garwal government of uttarakhand india. Boundless plains to share the development impact of migration to hubpages. Essay on development of india after independence utah. Figure developing country migrants unweighted and oda weighted as a proportion of host population sapien s revues org. Developing countries essay essay web development.

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India habitat center pedestrian landscapes. Another is white-collared middle class. And another is still struggling to survive. There is no doubt that in some areas we are a developed country and, as far as people with disability are concerned, we have created facilities and a support system. But in many areas we still have long way to go.

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Now I leave it to you to decide whether you perceive India as developing or not! John Stuart Mill wrote in The History of [British] India: "The condition of women is one of the most remarkable circumstances in the manner of nations. Among rude people the women are generally degraded, among civilised people they are exalted.

However, if we reflect upon what the Mill quote invites — the "exaltation of women" as a discourse legitimising the colonial occupation of India — then we might also question the whole notion of "developing country". While no one can deny the problems that women face in India — from the skewed sex ratio in favour of males to violence in their everyday lives — it is also important to note that this violence is experienced by women across the world. The figures from the World Health Organisation show that the differences between the developed world and the developing are less than what we would expect, especially where we take war and the breakdown of public order into account.

So, why elide these two politicised discourses — development and women's status? Why not instead focus on the struggles being waged every day in India against the banality of violence and for dignified and productive lives? Even after 66 years of independence, India is still labelled as a developing country. I think as a nation, we have miles to go.

Is india a developed country or not? Essay

The nation is undergoing this unearthing surge of political, cultural and social change. In the past, issues around which political parties used to build their campaigns essentially surrounded the promise of basic necessities.

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Now, these have evolved to focus on the "safety of women" and "corruption", among other [themes]. Corruption has mired growth to a great extent, and past and present governments have so far been unsuccessful in finding a permanent solution. The young Indian faces challenges stretching from a poorly administered education system to the lowest average wage rates in the world. The youth of India today lives in a society defined by multiple languages, religions, ethnicities and political thought, among other things.

Yet they define their own generation, which is starkly different from their fathers and grandfathers. This puts them in a unique position to take their country towards positive growth and development. In the past few years, the country has seen anti-corruption campaigners battle parliament for the formation of better laws, huge mass protests and angst over the state's failure to prevent the increase in rape incidents, and historical changes in political power in the capital.

The forthcoming elections hold much promise in terms of prime ministerial candidates strategising to lure young voters to the polling booths, promises to change the nation, and constant conjecture over the ideological revolution in the Indian political diaspora. Raka Choudhury , urban planner and writer for the Wall Street Journal.

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