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People around 30 years old. It must have changed the area. I mean it surprised me. Where is the heart of the neighbourhood?

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Where is the treasure? Can you describe Victoria Road? What are your impressions of Victoria Road? How have things changed around here? How has Glasgow changed? How have you changed? What changes would you make in Govanhill? If you won the lottery, what would you do?


How did you come to live here? Who do you think we should we talk to? Where do you think we should go?


What do you want to achieve and with whom? Alan gave us the example of a Chinese artist in Liverpool he was based there for many years who for the Biennial worked with the 6 different wards and in each identified with the community a building that was disused and that the community felt was disappointing for them. Some chose abandoned cinemas, old pubs, etc. The artist then stuck enormous acupuncture needles through these buildings, and 10 years later almost all of them had been rehabilitated by the authorities and had almost all been restored to their original use.

What is it we are trying to leave when we go? Disappearing could be quite damaging. Alan feels that at times in some ethnically diverse areas of Glasgow the public space is dead. George Square in the centre of Glasgow is also badly designed and really unused. Reimagine, reconsider, make a more interesting environment, opening possibilities for things to be otherwise.

In more recent decades this work has gained a new political importance because of the erosion and buying up of public space. Artists working in the public space are now also doing it to reclaim those spaces. The nibbling off of parks is happening a lot in Glasgow. Choosing a location is key: is it an already charged location?

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If we are exploring the themes of fear and change, do we choose a place that people are already fearful of? Like an immigration office? Or a place that is already charged with importance and meaning for some inhabitants, like a mosque or a church? Does a neutral space exist in the city?

Must be aware of local politics when working in the public space. Monday 24 June Victoria Road, Glasgow Our first day in Glasgow started with porridge, coffee and a promise of Biblical rain heard from the radio. After warming up, Valentina led us through a few exercises for us to get to know the space and to get back to work as a group.

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This was for us to figure out what our goals as a group and as individuals are for this residency: our intentions. To answer the questions what, why and how. Setting up intentions for our two weeks of work in Glasgow: What are we doing here? Intentions for the group Intentions for yourself What key question will drive our work? We then go through our schedule for the week. After lunch we went to the top of the Lighthouse Architecture and Design Museum to see the city from above — we spotted Victoria Road too.

Back to Victoria Road: Biblical rain starts.

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  7. Water leaks inside the shops from the street. The street is being resurfaced — a new cycle lane is being added, which we will learn is a welcome but complicated process — and as a result the shop floors are now lower than the street level. Images and thoughts from the wet walk: Queen's Park: which queen did it get its name from? Shona told us the story of Mary Queen of Scots, her many husbands, the canon called Mons Meg which killed her second husband, her marriage with the Lord who bombed her previous husband. The other queen is Victoria Shona lives on Albert Avenue, her husband.

    On the other end of Victoria Road stands a wedge of a building that looks just like the flatiron building in New York. Shona tells us that films set in New York are sometimes shot in Glasgow because the same architect designed both cities on a grid, but Glasgow is cheaper to film in. When Fast and Furious was being shot Shona was late for work because they closed off all of the central area of town. Behind this building that looks like the flatiron building — which is now home to The Star Bar, advertising exceptional 3 course lunch for 3 pounds — is P.

    Lipton Memorial Centre, selling tomb stones, some for pets, some with statues of Woody from Toy Story, some with a stylised fish or digger on offer for tomb stone design. They told us the above joke, pointing to different waves of migration to the area, from Irish to Jewish, Italian, Pakistani, and Roma. They also told us about the Clean Govanhill campaign Govanhill is the neighbourhood of Vicky Road and its racist undertones — on the Facebook community group for the area people posting about the rats issue often blame it on foreigners eating food and throwing left overs on the street.

    The Gorbals, the neighbourhood next to Govanhill, was formed when Irish people fleeing the famine and Scottish people evicted from their land in the highlands and other rural areas moved to Glasgow. It had huge population density housed in terrible conditions. Where does the name Glasgow come from? Day 3 Tunis Blog Sitting on the rooftop to draw out main themes which link our research in Tunis and St.

    Different wooden benches for schools and geometric forms that function both as sculptures and practical light-fittings. Ben heads out with us in tow and leads us through various potential performance spaces.

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    These include a squatted building with huge courtyard, small alleyways with hanging trees, and an expansive and empty covered market which proposes many staging possibilities. Once the shops close down the covered galleries of the Medina become long, darkened corridors. He lives here and everyone seems to know him. He walks with shoulders back and a wide open stance that makes him seem almost bow-legged. He is very affable with us, but seems to be playing-up to the image of "fearless outlaw" in order to impress us. Barking at women, throwing bricks at dogs, taking a young boy by the collar, threatening to beat up a guy, taking us into an abandoned, blown-out building, showing us sheep bred for fighting one is called Kim Jong Un, with Trump not far away , stopping kids from playing football mid-game, telling a crying baby to shut up.

    He takes us to a place where his friends hide when the police comes to find them. To finish, he teaches us techniques for pickpocketing.

    How to deflect attention, cut open bags with a razor, and work as a duo to distract drivers and steal their phones. Day 4 Tunis Blog At breakfast I am force-fed eggs and indulge in some ongoing Italian gangster chat with the Libyan writers.

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    They are very generous and funny people! Nour arrives! We catch-up with him, finding out how his life is as a new father. He lives in Rome now with his partner. Nour and I go shopping for the group at the covered market. Huge stacks of fruit, veg and fresh herbs. Not so much barter but lots of old weights and measures.

    We spend some time in the morning developing ideas for events, characters and a specific dramaturgy which we could apply to one of the sites we visited yesterday the closed shopping gallery leading to the covered market. All of us agree that this is the most interesting and flexible route for our site-specific promenade piece. It is quite possible that for some of the route audience members will be split into groups of 3 and sent into the corridors of the covered market in waves.

    We are joined once more by Bastien, who will be helping us with sound installations. He's speaking about hiding small speakers in nooks, which can then be remote-triggered to play sounds.