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Acknowledgements, dedication, etc. I, Mukesela Abraham, hereby declare that this dissertation is my original work.

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There is the optional page in the dissertation where you can post your dedication to those who were of assistance. My brother Brett provided by texts and dissertation dedication my parents, the. Suggestions for a dissertation acknowledgments section? I dedicate this work to my beloved wife Jane Kanyamale Mukesela whose. Heart of a Goof , by P. Wodehouse To my daughter Leonora without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time. To Beatrice— darling, dearest, dead. For Beatrice— My love for you shall live forever.

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You, however, did not. For Beatrice— I would much prefer it if you were alive and well. For Beatrice— You will always be in my heart, In my mind, And in your grave.

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For Beatrice— When we met my life began, Soon afterward, yours ended. For Beatrice— When we were together I felt breathless.

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Now you are. For Beatrice— Summer without you is as cold as winter. Winter without you is even colder. For Beatrice— Our love broke my heart, and stopped yours.

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For Beatrice— When we first met, you were pretty, and I was lonely. Now I am pretty lonely. For Beatrice— Dead women tell no tales. Sad men write them down. This thesis is dedicated to: The sake of Allah, my Creator and my Master,. My great teacher and messenger, Mohammed May Allah bless. Chapter III. Type of research methodology. The population. The sample. Dedicated to my beloved parents amp; family For their — Shodhganga work a success.

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  4. First and foremost I would like to thank ALMIGHTY who has provided me the strength to do justice to my work and contribute my best to it so that it has turned out to be a successful venue. This Thesis is dedicated to my Parents and my sister — Shodhganga. The author convey her heartfelt regards to Dr. Gajen Chandra Sarma, Curator,.

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    Department of Botany, Gauhati University for his guidance in the identification of the plant samples used during the study. Beloved Parents. Respected Teachers who are the Nation Builders. Information nbsp; i Dedication This thesis is dedicated to both my parents. My father is dedicated to both my parents. My father, the late Absalom Malobane. Nkhosi Dlamini did not only raise and nurture me but also taxed himself dearly over the years for my education and intellectual development. Incidentally he met his demise about the same moment I was presenting the proposal to this study nbsp; To my parents , brother, and sister whose love and — Deep Blue on the underground community of crossdressers that this magazine catered to.

    My gut told me that the secret world of heterosexual transvestism in postwar America would be a fascinating story to tell.

    My then primary advisor, Matthew Countryman, was the first to jump on board. This work is dedicated to my children. You have made — Deep Blue.

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    You have made me dissertation. She has cultivated an appreciation for teaching and mentoring students by her example. Thank you for your patience and friendship. I would also like to think Rick To my parents , thank you for being my champions throughout the past 32 years.

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