Twenty-five great essays 3rd edition

As Walkers story continues, she explains at 8 years old. She was a tomboy, who only played with her brothers.

Twenty-Five Great Essays

Although they played the same games, there was a difference that would never change. This is a typical stereotype reflected on men and women. The female is not known carry weapons, protect the family, or fight. They are the supporters and peacekeepers. The fighting and protecting is left up to the male.

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Gender roles come into play even at the youngest ages, and even at these young ages, can they make the biggest impact. When the praised their hero Socrates, they pondered on the thought of how such an intelligent person could be so ugly.

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Realizing this thousands of years later, the views on beauty between men and women have not changed in a significant way. It is surprising when you find brains and beauty in one package. Because of the gender roles we are exposed to, we tend to separate the thought of beauty and intelligence coming together as one.

Twenty-Five Great Essays (Penguin Academics Series), 3rd Edition

Sontag explains that beauty is only distributed to ones of the sexes, that being women. Women are supposed to be beautiful; this is what we are taught, what we learn, and something we become accustomed to, the same as men are to be strong. Stereotypes and definitions of gender roles have today created controversy of which it means to be male or female, masculine or feminine.

Why is it that a pretty face and a smart mind is a shock when brought together in a woman?

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Because of society and the beliefs that have been passed on for centuries. From what we are told when we are young, girls play with dolls, boys build with blocks, we are exposed to gender roles every day.

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We grow accustomed to them as we get older and learn more. Your views may vary due to religion, culture, or surroundings.

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It is easy to explain the gender roles expected of men and women. Men are independent, strong, and have a duty to keep their families financially strong, as women are sensitive, emotional, and should keep the household organized. As the times change, so do the views on these roles.

In modern times, females have become more and more independent. No longer at home caring to children and serving their husband, but out in the workforce, supporting their families, at a similar level to the male. Both Alice Walker and Susan Sontag explained their experiences and views on gender roles in their essays. Walker could run around and play with her brothers, but not allowed to draw a gun due to her female genes. Sontag explains the difference between a beautiful woman and a handsome man, and how society views these definitions.

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