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So do other forms of songs. During my visits to the gym, I am subjected to the continuous sounds of canned music that radiate into every nook and cranny of the space.

The majority of these songs contain more screaming than they do singing, perhaps a way to stimulate us gym rats. Yet the joining of music to words is often what makes a song so wonderful.

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Rendered alone, each again, not always remains ordinary. Taken together, they can magically become transformative. Second, I wish the Nobel Committee would have created a new category if they had exhausted their list of candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Many immensely talented writers were snubbed. Some are deceased and are ineligible for the prize. But their acceptance speeches would have left something to be desired.

By Dylan queuing ahead of them, their works have been sullied. What a list of writers! Considering there are so many other outstanding writers of literature, the Dylan award is an almost unbelievable situation. Third, I wish the committee had chosen a different person to honor. But then, the Nobel folks gave their peace prize to Yasser Arafat in spite of his well-known record of non-peaceful activities, and to Barack Obama for his well-known record of doing nothing.

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He was given this award only nine months after taking office and had done nothing of significance to promote peace, other than to give some peaceful speeches. If the committee was bent on giving the award to a music writer, why not honor an accomplished poet; one who also sings and composes beautiful music and meaningful lyrics?

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Leonard Cohen comes to mind. The New York Times published a piece on Mr. Dylan has yet to respond to the Nobel Prize committee.

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Perhaps he is searching for an appropriate quote among those library archives containing verse of a Civil War poet. This is also a national problem that is challenging in North Idaho. Read More. As fo Yes, we should be careful with studies, including res That initial proposed polarity between Dylan and Eno lingered with me in the year that followed, and the subsequent qualification by Lethem in whose novel The Fortress of Solitude the two musicians serve as touchstones kept me pondering it even longer than I might have.

Certainly, Dylan has interacted with electronic music far less than have some of his peers. I listened for this electronically mediated Dylan in his commercial recordings, tracked down various bootlegs, and parsed the loopy intros and outros that he provides to pop songs on the XM Satellite Radio show that he hosts. And as it turns out, the exercise rewards Brian Eno completists, copyleft advocates, and, especially, students of the recording studio as musical instrument.

Early on in the book, Dylan likens himself to jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, another musician who traded one audience for a second when he went electric.

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Miles was put down by the jazz community. Both Dylan and Davis recorded for Columbia Records, a shared experience that, unfortunately, goes largely unexplored in the book.

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It is not a case of love at first sight. The partnership begins ominously. For a Lanois enthusiast, the chapter is a valuable window into the working habits of the man whose collaborations with Brian Eno include the ambient milestones On Land and Apollo. In the years leading up to his collaboration with Lanois, he played a tour with the Grateful Dead, and the band prodded him to perform esoteric items from the back pages of his catalog.

This notion of songwriting as a spontaneous experience mediated in the studio is echoed later still in Chronicles or earlier, depending on whether you gauge time by page numbers or years , as Dylan thinks back to some of his first recordings, singing into the tape recorder of Lou Levy, his original publisher before moving to Columbia.

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The difference in opinions between Dylan and Levy about the role of the tape recorder sets the stage for the generation-gap-inducing events of Newport. I was doing my best, had to thoroughly feel like I was earning my fee.

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